Chess rating system

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    good maniac
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    if i get challenged, it tells me how many points i risk or gain, how do i know if i challenge someone else?

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    i never see how many points i can risk losing or gaining ... where do u find that out?

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    true. blitz for good memory and sight. plodders rely more on their analytical skills, performing poorly in blitzes. so i think....anyway.

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    I agree , 1200 is average, and you can rise or down, play and no ask, or you can do yourself the website.

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    ok then... i think the ratin is a great idea... but still dont understand it ...

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    I like joeyson's earlier response. His answer was don't worry about ratings just play. After all, we all hope we're playing a person at the other end not a person using a computer.

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    yeah innit

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    o0obruceleeo0o wrote: 1200 is supposed to be the average rating in the elo rating system, so most chess playing websites start all players at 1200.

     thats true

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    ok then ... so u can be great player and u still start at 1200

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    Anand could join and he'd start out at 1200.

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    yeah even tho he is good ?

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    i need practice so someone wanna teach me?

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    Gideon wrote:   One of my friends can only think an average of three moves aheed, but I can't seem to beet him in blitz!!  

    If you could calculate accurately three full moves ahead on a consistent basis you would be a very strong player.

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    I love the rating system.

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    254 losses to 150 wins and my rating is 1570. I have been playing on a consistant basis for about 8 months and by playing as many high rated players as possible I have become much better at reading the development of lines as well as a respectable increase to my rating all the while having a terrible win/loss ratio. If I continue like I am, I am sure that I will achieve a 2000 rating within two years; but only if I curb my impulsiveness at critical moments.

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    I am new here. I kind of understand the rating system, but how do people get points?

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    play the game ratings don't really matter

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