Chess rating system


ok then... i think the ratin is a great idea... but still dont understand it ...


I like joeyson's earlier response. His answer was don't worry about ratings just play. After all, we all hope we're playing a person at the other end not a person using a computer.


yeah innit


o0obruceleeo0o wrote: 1200 is supposed to be the average rating in the elo rating system, so most chess playing websites start all players at 1200.

 thats true


ok then ... so u can be great player and u still start at 1200


Anand could join and he'd start out at 1200.


yeah even tho he is good ?


i need practice so someone wanna teach me?


Gideon wrote:   One of my friends can only think an average of three moves aheed, but I can't seem to beet him in blitz!!  

If you could calculate accurately three full moves ahead on a consistent basis you would be a very strong player.




I love the rating system.


254 losses to 150 wins and my rating is 1570. I have been playing on a consistant basis for about 8 months and by playing as many high rated players as possible I have become much better at reading the development of lines as well as a respectable increase to my rating all the while having a terrible win/loss ratio. If I continue like I am, I am sure that I will achieve a 2000 rating within two years; but only if I curb my impulsiveness at critical moments.


I am new here. I kind of understand the rating system, but how do people get points?


play the game ratings don't really matter


mine is 1006, but most games i loose are on blunders, I can loose on a guy 1400 one day and win against a 2100 the other. What i dont like is that It wont let me join tournaments


Hallo Muscalu,

Chess is Life in Pieces, once you treat your minor pieces in the same way as you treat the major ones, you succeed. This implies that in life, you have to treat people in the same way you would like to treat you especially in Chess. Therefore, once you lose to a guy of 1400, this shows how he treated like a Grandmaster and therefore focused to excellent play and won.

Simply, also treat any 1400 guy as a Grandmaster and you will make less mistakes, you will not lose again.

The main reason why am discussing with you about this is, most Grandmasters once started below 1400, while a 2100 treats you like how you treat a 1400 guy.

Most champions were once like you until they moved on.

Play hard and make it to the tournaments because there is one main thing that separates a Grandmaster from a 1400 guy, is the way the playing principles are followed during the opening, the middlegame, and the end game.



Mubiru Kizito.


Greywolf - if I got ure ? right the answer is by making contributions to Forums etc., note your  post query has already credited  you one point!

viswanathan wrote:
turtle wrote: i am starting to understand the rating system, but how do you determine points during a game? are certain peices worth different points? 

turtle, the general points system followed is as follows:

pawn - 1pt.

knight/bishop - 3pts.

rook - 5pts.

queen - 10pts.

of course points are not everything... the position of your piece also matters.. for example you might not mind losing a bishop or rook to save a pawn on the 7th row.. and points dont have any bearing on the game result.. it is just a basic framework to help beginners understand the value of different pieces

 queen=9 pts


Nice post Mubiro. Very true. I won a game today against someone ranked much higher than me. I also lost to someone ranked much lower. I dont think I played the same way against both. I didn't take the lower ranked opponent as serious, and lost. I hope I learn from this. We'll see.

The long & short of it is... use your ranking as a way to guage your progress, and try not to get too caught up with how high or low. Just enjoy. I dont know if I'm posting this for you, the reader, or for me. Surprised


 Actually, I never understood rating and how it was calculated till i read this simply wonderful article, dont get put off by the equation right at the start :-)  (i didnt understand it - am not good at equations), it doesnt matter: