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Chess Regression

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    I've been getting busier and busier with each passing day, loaded down with schoolwork and whatnot, so I haven't played chess in a while. Now, since it's break, I've decided to take up chess again- but I got a nasty surprise:


    it seems as though, within those three months of hurried schoolwork, my ability to play chess has regressed dramatically.


    If anyone has suggestions on how to get my ability back up, please say so.

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    Do tactics before school and play as much as you can over the summer...

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    You should analyse your games. In your last game you should take the pawn with the knight in the third move. If black takes back, you give check with the queen and win material (a rook) or you can checkmate in few moves.
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    The pawn on f2 in the second move is the "Damiano Defence" and almost only played by beginners.

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    TameLava wrote:

    Do tactics before school and play as much as you can over the summer...


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    don't read books, getting general ideas on openings and studying tactics are more important, but mostly studying tactics.

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    its true...

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    First off, I don't think they are looking at this thread... could be wrong...

    there are videos for free online on what to do, rather than books which are long winded and cost money.

    That would be my choice

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    Lot's of tactics.

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    This probably explains why I've been beaten by the computer on Coolmath for 3 consecutive rounds happy.png


    To be honest though, it's quite difficult for me to find a good book on chess tactics, so...


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