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Chess.com on iPad

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    Hey all,

    Just a question - Do any of you use Chess.com on iPad?

    OK 2 more :-)

    If yes - are you able to make moves in analysing mode and then post them in the forums etc?

    If no to the above 2 questions, thanks for your time.

    If yes

    Please help me to know how?


    I can't do this and either don't get an option or if I do, the board I need to copy from in order to paste, no materr how quick I am, always ends. Up below the keyboard so I can't tap the code to highlight and copy.

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    1. Yes, I have Chess.com on my iPad. Laughing

    2. There is a analysing mode, but you can not post off to the forums! Cry

    3. When / While / After playing Online Chess, select the chessboard on the bar above the Tab Controller. Wink

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    Thanks :-)

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    I ask kohai for you tomorrow...ok..if she say ipad really can't post games on forum then we all going to complaint chess.com lol...

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    Lol. Cool! Thanks :-)

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    I texted her last night still waiting for her reply ok :)

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