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    I love this site, chess.com, even though i've only been a member for 4 days, but have any of you ever tried chessmaniac.com?  Chessmaniac doesn't have forums as good as this site and their member profiles aren't as cool.  But I love their chess tournaments and team play!!!  Check it out!!

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    I was with chessmaniac.com almost from it's inception. In fact I used to conduct  and monitor a chess history forum there. (the entire forum was preserved in pdf form by a friend of mine and is available here). I gave it up due to a lack of any real interest. I think I only played a couple games there, though.
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    Hmm.. I've spent most of my chess time only on the playchess.com server. Really glad this forum was created so I can share stuff and learn stuff from all chess enthusiasts apart from playing blitz and bullet games online!
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    Just had a nose at the chessmanic.com site, and thought the layout was chaos. may be hard to play chess on it without suffering a migraine. I'll stick to this one, redhotpawn.com and gameknot.com. The layouts are neater.
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    Whoa!~ I just checked that website out and just as jona004 said the layout is messed up!!!! And they have a lot of ugly ads! Man , im gonna stick with chess.com. Its way better than that.
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    Very unprofessional website. Everything appears scattered, and you have to look hard to find what you want. Way too many links on the main page, and very little information on what is happening.
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    ok guys :) enough bagging on chessmaniac. i'm gonna lock this one.
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