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         Why is the computer analysis taking so long? I put a game in for analysis yesterday, anyone else having this problem?

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    no problem for me here so far

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        Hey, kco. Do you mean you put a game in today or yesterday and got the analysis back within a few hours?

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    no I haven't done it since 30/6/10. I'll see if I can do it. 

    edit: just did one at 9:30 pm ( time) will let u know what is happening...
                                 (12:30 here)

    edit: 10pm here...Just got it back it only took 1/2 a hour ! :-0 that was fast Laughing

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        Thanks, kco, I still have one game that says processing (after a day!) I guess my play was so brilliant the comp just broke down! lol

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    for regular members you don't get it back till next week

    for diamond 1/2 hrs

    for the rest of premium idk.

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       I've been a gold member for three years and gotten it back within a few hours till this one. They must have changed it?

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    nah, don't think so. 

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    we've added more computers for analysis. hopefully we'll be caught up entirely in a few days. 

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    I'm not sure membership level has much to do with it. I've had them back in 15 minutes and I've had them take three days. Just gotta take the rough with the smooth.

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    I've never had to wait more than an hour or two for computer analysis. ever.

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    I've never had to wait long, not even before I was a member. This may just mean my games aren't too complicated.

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    I tried the creepy-crawly formation against one guy. The computer analysis has taken three days so far...

    All my other ones have taken less than three hours, so I was a bit worried.

    Maybe it thought that my opening was so bad it gave a negative score bigger than the computer could handle, so it broke down.


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