Hi, I am trying to improve my game, I am reasonable but wouldnt say good player.  I obviously have access to all the content on here as well as a wealth of Chess books to study and lots more, my main issue is with concentration.

I was wandering if anyone else had a similar experience to me which is as follows:


I love Chess, I love to play, do puzzles, read and study about it etc etc.  When I play though I stare at the board and try to concentrate but I find myself losing focus and realise that for the last 5 mintues I have been concentrating on nothing  or daydreaming.  How do you get Board tunnel vision as it were ?  I know this might be a separate emotional or physical thing as it never used to happen to me.


I was wandering if anyone has any ideas or techniques for Chess to improve my focus on the game, the board the pieces, how to get Chess vision so that when I'm playing and thinking I stay on topic in my head.  I make a lot of stupid moves because I lose patience after a while of thinking and thinking but ending up not thinking about the game and so I get fed up and just make a move based on what i did manage to think about.

I remember in Searching for Bobby Fischer, there was an exercise using the empty board ? Is this applicable.


Any suggestions  (helpful of course) would be appreciated.


Edit: In addition I forgot to mention, is I also lack Chess confidence also, In that I think of a move but then back out as I cant see far enough ahead or I lack the knowledge to see the line, then after a game I analyse the game and see that my move I didnt play was really strong, I always tend to be a Chess wimp as it were....LOL




I just came across this funnily enough

Looks interesting, i might have to give that a try.


Thanks ez for your input, I only got to the second paragraph though....LOL





hey proletariate - I know where your'e coming from.

I fade in and out, like loss of reception. But I'm Old. I try to play only a few games at one time on line. When I play over the board I concentrate on one section at a time. Queen-side- middle-or king-side.Try to zoom in on your canidate moves. Works for me.