Coordinated devices


I was wondering if there were any other multi-piece, coordinated devices that can hold strong in a chaotic game.  The examples should explain it, but in essence what I'd like to know is what are some other positions which provide both a strong defense for all pieces involved, while still being very aggressive. 

The context of the game is relatively unimportant.  I am looking for clever strategies that create a safe haven in any game.


I can't really add any new combination of pieces. However, I'd like to point out that the second example that you've shown (with the strong bishop using the opponent's pawns as defence) doesn't fit into your criteria for holding strong. Black can move the rook to ..Rg3 followed by ..Re3. This effectively gets rid of the bishop from its 'stronghold' and also allows for passage of the pawns for queening unhindered by the king. Maybe if the rook wasn't there......


My favorite:








I had to take a draw in this poition I got once



  yes you are correct.  i think i oversimplified.  the game in which it occured had two white pawns opposing the two pawns on either side

  also, the first scenario shouldn't have the king in check.