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Do you chime in when you see two players far stronger than you analyzing a game?

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    If you are watching two players that are considerably stronger than you analyzing a game do you chime in and ask "Could you have played ____ in this position?" etc

    I do.  I find that most strong players are more than willing to answer the occasional question as long as you're not trying to take over their analysis session.

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    I play in Ponziani Power group for vote chess and quite often two strong players are disucssing a move or a variation and someone chimes in and asks a question and we Welcome the question or questions. 

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    I chime in on anything I have an opinion about. Including your threadWink

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    This is certainly good practice, as long as the questions are not completely irrelevant at their level of play

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    Any question is ok as long as the person asking is sincere. [and in my experience the person asking has always been sincere].

    Of course, if it is two supergrandmasters who are studying a game then

    questions might not be allowed. 

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    I think I can honestly say that if I saw Nakamura and Aronian analyzing a game and I had a question I'd probably ask.


    They might tell me to shut up, or they might answer.


    I wouldn't ask 50 questions, but I'd ask one or two.

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    i'd have 50 questions to ask, but i think most they would just look at me and ignore me.

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    Aronian seems like he might answer though.  During the last WC match I replied to a facebook post of his and I asked if he thought that 12 games was enough and he gave me a rather nice explanation of what he thought and why.


    Naka...well, I'm a fan.  But he might just glare depending on his mood.

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    No, I wouldn't; I wouldn't want to interrupt them. Now, if one had just played me then some questions might be in order!


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