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Does winning involve any luck ?

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    If I lose and I say " I should have seen the Zwischenzug". Reply " I don't know that one, I beat you with the Swashanzuck".

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    As Frank somebody said "Luck be my lady tonight."

    So luck sometimes happens in chess and is female.

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    ponz111 wrote:

    As Frank somebody said "Luck be my lady tonight."


    Fitz said that too.

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    Fitz was probably just copying Frank.  Frank goes back aways.

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    Frank also had a song, what was it again ? oh yeah - "I did it side ways"...

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    It is too bad that some like to stalk and troll rather than engage in real conversation or debate.

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    Yes. The result of a game depends on many things other than what is going on at the board-things we have no way to control consciously or subconsciously. I can't predict if I'm going to get a heart attack at the board or not (Alekhine once said that he wouldn't resign since this might happen to the opponent) or whether the opponent has something really nasty prepared in an opening etc...

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    Yes there is. Luck in chess is like luck in poker. Just look at this game. I didn't know what I was doing and was banking on being lucky and my opponent messing up. I didn't even think in this game. I just made mlves that "looked" right and remembered Morhpy...




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