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Don't be THAT guy at the chess tournament

  • #261

    Don't be that guy who eats a grilled cheese sandwich during the game and asks his opponent if he would like a bite.

  • #262

    don't be that guy that shows up at a tournament and discovers there is a tournament in progress and walks home.
    only problem is that the person that walked home had joined the tournament the day before.

  • #263

    Don't be that guy that watches hardcore porn on your phone during the game.

  • #264

    Don't be that guy who beats me in 15 moves.

  • #265

    Don't be that guy who says "check" out loud.

  • #266

    Don't be that guy that says chess engourages gambling and is a waste of time.

  • #267

    Don't be that guy who asks his opponent for a pen.

  • #268

    Don't be that guy that wears his fursuit to the game and insists the touch-move rule doesn't apply to his suit's paws.

  • #269

    If that has ever occured in real life, wat

  • #270

    I would totally do it.

    I only say "don't be that guy" because I've already called dibs.

  • #271

    chessmaster102 wrote:

    Dont be that hot girl who slumps on top of the table showing your totos

    Dont be that guy who Breathes heavily in a impatient manner just cause your opponent is actually using his time to THINK.

    Dont be that guy who slams pieces on the clock just to press the button.

  • #272

    An issue I have with 3 move repetition claims is they only take the person making the claims scoresheet into account (according to the TD ruling on a claim made by my opponent). The claim turned out to be bogus, but what's to stop a player in a lost position from just writing out a few imaginary repetitions onto his scoresheet and then making a claim?

  • #273

    what a great idea! the next time i'm losing i will simply write down fake moves and claim draw by repetition!

  • #274

    I once played a guy who would adjust knights anytime I moved them. The funny thing is he needed them to face directly forward, so the nose was pointed directly at me (his knights) and him (my knights). That was one awkward game. I can only imagine he doesn't play online where all the knights are sideways lol.


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