E-mail chess start up rule



One of the member challenged me, But after i accept the challenge he is not starting the game,also the clock is not starting. I guess we have to slightly modofy the rule of start up. That is after accepting the challenge , challenger clock should immediately start , rather starting after the move has been made.

your views please !!

Well if you want to stop the game, you will not lose point as not enough moves will have been played.
This is why we have an ABORT button :) Abort is not counted on your record at all - it is like the game was never played.
I did it, but still i prefer clock of the people who challenged first to be started. 

I agree with you that it is frustrating when a player accepts and doesn't start the play.


However, setting a clock makes little sense for the following reason.  If the player does not make a move and time runs out, how can you penalize them for poor play?  You can't!  That's why you can abort with no penalty if the game has not yet started.


The purpose of the clock is to give the player incentive to play in order to avoid a drop in rating level.  If no penalty is levied when no move has been made, the clock in this example would only serve to auto-abort a game.  


If someone fails to begin the game and you feel frustrated, I suggest you abort the match.   After all, it's not like there is a lack of players available here. :)


Anyone else have views on this? 

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On the General Chess Discussions forum, this is the thread that has existed the longest without a comment on it.  I figured I'd re-awaken it for no reason.  You're welcome.