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Endgame books

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    First, thanks to everyone to replied to my other post about My System.


    Now, i have seirawan's endings... can anybody recommend a good endgame book...

    and why.....


    Thanks to all...


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    Silman's recent endgame book is a good candidate.  An earlier work that I heard good things about  is Averbach's Chess Endgames : Essential knowledge.

    Though with the endgame, I'd stick to a ladder-like study progression and seek out parts of books that address those rungs in your ladder.

    For example :

    - Basic Mates 

    - Queen and King vs  King and Pawn (win/draw technique)

    - King and Pawn vs. King  (ALL and I MEAN ALL possible scenarios)

    - King and two Pawns vs. King and Pawn

    - King and Rook and Pawn vs King and Rook (Lucena, Philidor and friends)


    It is completely psychotic to start endgame studies higher up in complexity (such as in a Dvoretsky book) when you haven't even conquered the basics, so make sure you are reading stuff that you can absorb.


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