Extremely Frustrated

aggiepride06 wrote:

I'm wondering if anyone can help...  I'm a beginner and play my boyfriend online often. He's also a beginner, yet I can't seem to beat him. To top it off he's extremely taunting!

i think that most of these answer posts have given good advice but if you are adventurous and like thinking "outside the box", what about getting a new boyfriend ?


I had the same problem so I will  give you three words of advice; Practice,Practice, Practice. Looking at the above game that you submitted,I noticed that a) you didn't open with the two center pawns b) you opened up with your "C" file c) you put your knight on the edge of the board instead of the middle  where it likes to attack.

Hope you fine this info helpful,and good luck. 

Learn some basic opening principles before you play more games  You cant just throw up your pawns on both sides of the board like that and leave your king in the middle and not expect to get mated or lose material.  Nf3 was a fine start  e4 d4 c4 are also good. For beginners I think they should open e4 and try to play as many double king pawn openings as possible. But point is you really need to learn basic opening principles before playing more games. Basic principles for beginners would be Focus on the center with your pawns and pieces.  e4 d4 e5 d5 are where most of the action should take place at the beginning. When you move your knights and bishops in the opening try to use them to get control of those squares.  Castle your king early. Get as many pieces developed as possible. Do not leave anything hanging. Do not just throw out pawns like that again. You lost because you left that c pawn weak which gave a lot of easy queenside attacking chances and then because of a stupid mistakes later. As soon as bishop threatened bishop takes pawn check you were on a downward spiral especially with your king in the middle of the board and an open position.  And Nnight d6 check what was that? You just gave your knight away.  And then you left your rook open up to a discovered attack by blacks bishop which was not that bad because you got two pieces for the rook. And then what  then you give away your knight instead of taking back with the pawn. I think you do not know how pawns move because you gave away your queen the move after.  You just gave away pieces for nothing. Please please get seirawans book. And before you do anything learn how the pawns and pieces move. And learn about castling. I really recommend you get seirawans books. It is a great book to start out with. Playing more games if you start them out like this one will only frustrate you more. One easy way to start off well is to use openings explorer and play the most commonly played moves you see after you start with say e4 or e5. Yes I know that does not help understand the principles behind the openings but at least you would be opening with principled openings and get an idea of what they are about by playing them.

idk why i started playing chess but its so damn frustrating like, i would rather watch paint dry then play chess


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