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Favourite and Least Favourite Pieces

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    i dont know developing a war machine while defending yourself from the invaders eems to hefty for a task; even though real life generals do that everyday for a living

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    My favorite : the pawns becasue the pawns are the soul of chess like someone said.

    I don't know about the least favorite. But it's at least it's not the qeen.

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    What about the knight ? in some positions, the knight becomes far more powerful for the support of the queen than a rook. I myself sometimes sacrifice my rook for a knight, because knights can penetrate any position, while rooks can't. Plus, rooks can't fork. The revealed checks by knights create some of the nastiest traps in chess. For eg: the checkmate trap in the king's gambit ( my pet opening ).

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    Pawns a pretty good too - big things from small things grow!

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    Favourite Piece: Queen- I usually like to attack!

    Least Favourite Piece: The Queenside Rook- Paul Morphy used to sack his queenside rook on move 0! It never came to attack.

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    My favorite piece is on e4 square (or on any other center square).

    Least favorite is on h3 square (or on any other remoted square).

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    Marek - so you like any piece that is in the center?

  • #28

    Favorite. The king. It's what matters.

    2nd Favorite: What TheBigDecline said.

    Least favorite. The bishop. Sometimes I just want two of them on the same-color squares.

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    The king is what matters but really, a sitting duck. I don't really like kings, too

  • #30

    Really?? You like pawns better than queens?

  • #31

    Well, I guess Pawns can sometimes be stronger than queens

    triple passed pawns on 7th rank> Queen + Rook!

  • #32

    My favourite piece is the one which delivers the mate Laughing

  • #33

    favorites: king, rook, queen, pawns, knights and bishops.

  • #34

    pdve: which is your least favourite?

  • #35

    Favourite: Knight (because it can jump over pieces and move weird)

    Least Favorite: Bishop (because all I see it doing is going up and going down diagnolly)

  • #36

    Favorite: Rook

    Why: Tends to help the queen in my games.

    Least favorite: pawns

    Why: Those are very weak and always get eaten up

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    Favorite Piece: Queen

    Least Favorite Piece: King

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    I guess it's because the queen is most powerful and king is the stupid dude who can't defend stuff for his own :D


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