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Fritz 13 on a tablet

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    Hi, can anyone tell me if it is possible to use Fritz 13 (or 12) on a tablet? my 2 boys have tesco hudls and their chess teacher has asked me to buy them a PC for this reason. I'm not keen as we have macs already. If definitely not possible on a tablet can you direct me to a site which will tell me how to do it on a macbook? thank you very muchSmile

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    Wow.  Not just wasting money on Fritz, but buy a whole computer AND fritz.  Save your money.  Get SCIDvsMac and tell the teacher it's plenty good enough.

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    I would love to hear exactly what features this teacher wants your boys to be able to use that you can't get in free software. That is an absurd amount of money he is asking you to spend, so I would definitely ask.


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