Fritz 5.32 Doubles - Accept?


I have Fritz 5.32 (yes, I know it is old, but so am I! In fact, it is my birthday today!). I find it infuriatingly difficult to comprehend how the darn thing works, and the help file is next to useless. I just tried starting a rated game for the first time ever, and half way through, I was greeted with 'Fritz 5.32 Doubles - Accept? Yes/No'. I have absolutely no idea what that means. I clicked 'yes', and it didn't seem to do anything. Can anyone enlighten me?

I noticed there is also a button at the bottom of the page that says 'double' - I clicked it, and it said that Frtiz declines and wants to play on. Huh?


From the Fritz manual:


In rated games you can play for (virtual) money, starting with $100. If the “Doubling” option is on, you can double the stake at any stage of the game, just as one can in the game of backgammon. When you double, you offer your computer opponent the choice between resigning or continuing with the stake doubled. Of course, the program has the same right and will offer to double the stake at strategic moments.

In the beginning, any side may double. After the first double offer, the right goes to the other side. If your opponent doubles and you accept, only you may double again, now offering to play for the fourfold sum. Your “account” (the amount of money you have left) is displayed in the rated game dialog box.


I see, thanks! For some reason I don't seem to have the manual, just a very bare-bones help file.


I had  the same problem with double and I didn't know what does it mean.

thank you an_arbitrary_name. your explanation is realy helpful.