Game Auto Aborted and Rating Points Deducted??!!




I was paired against multiple very low rated players in a standard game i.e. 15 10. Obviously i was not interested in playing against such opposition and my "auto abort" counter started. To my utter shock and disbelief my rating points were deducted as if i have lost the game!!


This was done THRICE!! Yes three times when my opponant was someone 400-700 points rated lower than me.


Do you expect me to play all the games even if the opposition is low rated to that extent?? I have the option to play or not and there is absolutely no reason why you should deduct my rating points.


Can you tell me why was this done to me THRICE !! Can you restore my rating points? If no then good bye.

HighestUnrated wants the site to be a "fun place". How do they expect this site to be 'fun place' if we get paired with such low rated players and lose our points? 




I agree

You realize you can choose the rating range for people you play against right? Just create a challenge, and I do believe it’s adjustable in the settings beyond that as well. Aborting Games is highly inconsiderate. Learn how to use an interface and knowledge base before criticizing it

There is a limit to how many games you can abort

they_dontknowmeson wrote:

this is the game in which i didnt even played a single move and also my opposite partner also didnt play , then how can u deduct my rating?

If you have a high disconnect/abort rate as a percentage of recently completed games, all games that start as rated will be rated, regardless of the game termination type.

CuteChessGirls wrote:

sounds like a bug

It's not a bug, it's by design. Aborting should be used sparingly.

Daddy_Chillimao wrote:

is a bug

It is not a bug. See the link I posted.