Why I lose to much lower rated player ??

etobal wrote:

Hi every one ...  My blitz rating now is 2037 .. I do not have any problem playing against 1800 are higher but when I play player less than 1500 I lose the game .. I lost three games in a raw against 1200 and 1300 .. I think a lot and do not know how to play then under time pressure I make blunder .. what is the solution ؟؟ any one know ? 

When? On this site?

I don't see it in your recent history. I don't see any losses to anyone ranked that low in blitz, even when you were much lower rated yourself.

You did have three losses to 1600 rated players in bullet earlier this month but you are only rated in the 1800's in bullet.

Certainly, there were no losses to 1200 to 1300's. at least not here.


the games was played 2 weeks ago on another site .. I makeda new account there and started playing and  lost 3 matches ..  


but i understand .. it make no sense posting this here .. games was plyed on other site.. I will delet the post 


"Never underestimate lower rated players".


OK, I just tried to post a Nimzovich quote which is highly relevant to this subject, and I got a message "Your post seems to not fit our Community Guidelines.  Repeated violations may result in your account being restricted.  Thank you for helping Chess.com stay a fun and friendly place for all!"

No restrictions please.  Ban or no ban.  I request that the moderators look at the comment I tried to post and decide accordingly. 


If you lose to a lower rated player is probably because you should be lower rated.


Sometimes when I play lower rated players, I play worse, it's like I'm playing at their level.


I'm reminded of: "Warum muss ich gegen diese Idioten verlieren?" - Nimzovich


We must beware of becoming complacent or sloppy when we believe our opponent is weak.


Cause sometimes we are too sure of ourselves


We are too often too sure of ourselves.  This is part of human nature.  We need to be over-confident, otherwise we would not take enough risk.  Risk-taking by individuals is good for the species.  Even though the risk-taking individual often gets hurt, the species learns useful information or lessons. 

Another way to say it: we need to be over-confident, because if we really understood how little knowledge and control we actually have, we would become discouraged and take less risks.

Psychologists even have a name for this tendency of human individuals to over-estimate one's own strengths, and under-estimate (or overlook) one's own weaknesses.   See Dunning-Kruger effect:



Many 1200-1400 are good enough to take advantage of sloppy play from arrogant 1700-2000, if you try to troll them or play the bong-cloud you may be surprised . Also I've played many unrated games against strong players and they don't seem to manage time as well as intermediate players. And if your playing unrated some people play mostly unrated and are therefore very underrated. I'm somewhat of an example, I'm more like 1400-1500ish but I play unrated because I don't like the stress of losing rating points. I also tilt pretty badly in longer matches like 5 or more.