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Good knight to the bad bishop.

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    In the following position, white is down a pointless pawn. Black's bishop is wretched, and white's knight can go to any square it chooses really. Clearly white is on top since the pawn structure says it does. The position can be very decieving though, what is white's best continuation/plan to attempt to win? I don't believe this is that difficult, but maybe it is.


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    if white's knight reaches f4 black is finished

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    Maybe Black can play g5 at some point to keep the knight out of there though. Which makes h4 first worth considering. The thing to analyse there is gxh3. It looks to me like White should be able to bring his king around to pick the pawn up again, and if it is ever protected with g5-g4, then the f4 square just opened up permanently. Even if Black tries to avoid that, then White can bring his knight to bear on a g5 pawn, forcing it to advance.

    It looks difficult to actually win though.

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    Duck and cover found the beginning of the solution.

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    That's just the beginning?

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    Oh yes, its a matter of technical play for perhaps 15 moves, and the win would be clear for most of us.

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    Tell me if I'm close, after 4. Kf5! ..Be8 (stops Kg6 from attacking two pawns) Ke6 Bc6 (what else?) Kf7 and start gobbling, is that it?


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