Got a 15 move win with the Evans Gambit by immobilizing my opponent’s queen


Although short lived (15 moves) I just won one of new favorite games with the Evan’s Gambit. My opponent tried to trade queens, but I made a move immobilizing theirs. Shoutout to Agadmator for covering many of these cool lines.


After reviewing on’s engine, apparently my move 12. E5 wasn’t very good. It’s not a blunder or anything, but it put the evaluation bar slightly back in my opponent’s favor. It did eventually allow me to trap their queen though, so maybe it’s considered bad particularly against high rated players since it opened up their queen? I’m not entirely sure what the counter play would be but I guess that’s why I’m 1100 lol

No. It’s because in a gambit the last thing you want is to trade. You need those stronger pieces to keep adding pressure to your opponent


In a gambit you do want to open files and you do want to eliminate defending pieces.
In this case developing 12 Nbd2 or 12 Bb2 was more appropriate.
14...Qe7?? is a blunder. 14...Kf7 was fine for black.


Nice game. And I quite liked your 12.e5. It opens the important diagonal and lines. And it worked! Then the engine evaluation doesn't matter.





"And it worked!"
++ It only worked because black blundered 14...Qe7??
That does not make it right.



Well I disagree. Points is what count. And even if Black se the trap and play 14...Kf7 White still has compensation and everything can happen. 12.e5 is a move with a clear strategic idea. You don't need more. And difinitely not at 1100-level. People should rightly be proud of their winns. 




"14...Kf7 White still has compensation" ++ White is a pawn down and black develops 15...Re8.

"12.e5 is a move with a clear strategic idea."
++ It is a thematic move, but here it is too early, better develop pieces first.

Why don’t you tell the world about it

Maybe e5 was a bit early...but who cares ... don't forget it's a below 1400 game. Although honestly i think first developing the knight to D2 could have been better to bring the A1 rook to action

The difference is the linear thinking between these to moves, they add on until the irregular
A game full of blunders ! 🤷‍♂️