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i think the Alekhine picture was set up by the KGB or something, its not natural!  the chess board is set up but no pieces moved!?  come on now Alekhine wouldnt have a board set up and not  move anything!  hes wearing a coat at the dinner/chess table?!  no signs of a struggle like someone choking or stroking or having a heart attack, he looks like he fell asleep at the was believed that someone placed him there!?  yea the KGB!  (sorry to offend any KGB agent reading this dont kill me please im just a stupid american kid)

 I am not going to kill you....Laughing

Manolo!  Choot this piece a ch....


these are cool pictures.... keep them coming!Smile

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Here is a pic you've probably never seen before, but I think it is a great one. We see Fischer in as typical a pose as you will ever find him: Studying Spassky's games in preparation for the WC match, using his favorite set of men (he would describe to reporters how great is was, with no sharp edges and so very matte) on one of those vinyl boards without fabric backing but also very matte with great low contrast colors. Cue the dingy hotel room. There we have a pure bit of Fischer. Working hard and alone, singlemindedly.



 This one is superb...thx.


I always liked that Tal picture.  I notice, though, the Kasparov picture is exactly the same pose!  What's with the chin-on-the-thumb thing?

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original GrandMasters of chess (St. Petersburg, 1914)


(l-r) Lasker, Alekhine, Capablanca, Marshall, Tarrasch

 This is a great photo.Capablanca and and Alekhine were in their rising careers (Alekhine was awarded the Grand Master title by The Zar of Russia after he claimed the third place),Marshall failed to defeat The Old Lion  E.Lasker back in 1908; as for Tarrasch concerns he never saw his chance against Lasker after winning convincigly the memorable tournament of Vienna in 1898,one of the strongest ever.


Alekhine and Capablanca, Moscow, 1913


Lasker & Pillsbury, New York, 1893


Here is a picture of two teen FMs from 1998 at the Lisbon Open. Today they are two famous GMs and the top 2 players of their country ! Do you know these two players ?

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I have always loved this one of Tal.


This is my favorite Tal picture. It was said that many masters thought Tal had hypnotic powers from the way his "devil eyes" looked at his opponents.


enjoyed all these pictures.  wow.  I didn't realize Bobby was such a cutie.


The one on the right looks like Caruano, Reb.


In 1866 Anderssen and Steinitz had a match. At that time Anderssen was acknowledged as the leading player in the world since Morphy was no longer playing. Young Steinitz--and yes he was young once--was known as the Austrian Morphy due to his sharp, combinative play. Just the kind of play Anderssen was famous for. With the match tied at six wins each, Steinitz won the last two games and took the match. Although this was not officially or even unofficially a match for the world title, in retrospect some date Steinitz's reign from this date until he was finally dethroned by Lasker in 1894. By then he was rightly considered the Old Lion.

Anderssen, who had won the first real tournament in 1851 in London, continued playing and was a very strong tournament player in the decade following the Steinitz match. Good timing, as now tournaments were not a rarity and his skills and style garnered him great success.


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The one on the right looks like Caruano, Reb.

 No, I will send a message to those who get either of them right and will give some time before telling all who they are.


Hi guys,

to Goldendog; thank you.  What a great idea. 

to everyone else; keep the pictures coming.

Watch your backrank!


Great photos, thanks for posting !


Aron Nimzowitsch circa 1927


This was very enjoyable, thank you to everyone who submitted a photo.


power tie will get u anytime. lol





Karpov vs Korchnoi!

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