Greatest Chess Photos

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    ncpharaoh wrote:

    I love how is ash is about to fall down his sleeve.


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    Reb wrote:


     Hey Reb, appropos of the Alekhine death pic, have you ever had the desire to go to that hotel in Portugal and seek out "the spot"?

    Maybe they're holding that big peg set at the desk for that special someone? Wink

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    Earlier I posted the pic of a young Steinitz with Anderssen. Now we see Steinitz at the end of his career, fully the Old Lion, facing a young Lasker in what I believe is their second match for the title. Lasker defeated him handily both times; age was just against Steinitz. Besides, Lasker was standing on the old man's shoulders, as a few others were, like Tarrasch, neo-Steinitzians all. In fact at the time of the first match, Lasker was not the only one likely strong enough to beat Steinitz. There was Tarrasch of course, and according to chessmetrics Steinitz spent most of the period a few years before Lasker beat him initially, and the few years after, as #3-4-5 in the world.

    Lasker is taking time to look into the camera, and you can see Steinitz's crutches by his legs.

    Steinitz's influence on chess was enormous and long lasting. In one form or another it held sway as a school until the advent of Hypermodernism.


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    Great thread! Keep those photos coming if you've got them.

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    St. Petersburg 1914, round 5 of the prelims. Two chess immortals.

    Lasker and Capablanca's first tournament game against each other.

    They nevertheless were well acquainted with each other, having played numerous offhand games in NY and according to my database at least one in London.


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    this one stays as a wallpaper on my computer, but i have to admit i added the text :)

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    This is a nice one that recalls Morozevich's dramatic win over Kramnik at this fairly strong tourny: 

    ...which was made even more dramatic by this Macauley Peterson video:

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    Kosteniuk - current women's world champion! Just what the chess world needs.

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    Kupov wrote:

    I don't know if you have ever seen the show Trailer Park Boys, but it is pretty popular here in Canada, and Topolov looks a LOT like Julien.

    Anyway, I really like this picture of Fischer.


    All he needs is a few more pounds and a rum and coke. Not very happy to report that I look more like Bubbles and probably play chess about as well too! No disrespect though to my fellow cat lover Bubbles.

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    Reb wrote:

    Here is a picture of two teen FMs from 1998 at the Lisbon Open. Today they are two famous GMs and the top 2 players of their country ! Do you know these two players ?


    Reb, You've got to say who they are !!!!

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    In the photp of Reshevsky playing a simul, what is Jerry Hanken doing there? The one with the beard.

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    Great thread. This is Che Guevara and Najdorf

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    great chess players

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                                                 Caissa, 1910
                                           Gelya and Mikhail Tal


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    great post - great photos

    just a thought on alakhines.

    surely a dead mans head would be slumped to one side???

    anyhows a genius deserves better than this.

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    I saw on Internet a few Versions of last Photo of Alechine! And it odd enought to say, that some things and details are missplaced and different!..


    A few 'great' Countries were very interested to never see Alechine anymore above the Chess Board and Chess World!

    Let pray for his greatest soul!


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