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  • #21

    Heh, Be2 is as far as I knew this line, seems everyone else knows it to move 10.

  • #22

    Whob is prfectly correct...!!

  • #23

    wow ok christian kudos on that one... it would have totally taken me off guard. your right that Bf1 is totally counter intuitive carlsen threw it out there once. I will have to mention this for kids. Its a great surprise weapon

    This game seems to be a prepared line by a serious GM.. the position is crazy though. I left in The notes by GM Vallejo Pons

  • #24
    TMIMITW wrote:

    Don't put yourself in that position!

    What do you mean, its perfectly fine for Black!

  • #25

    By the way, it's black to move.  My bad.

  • #26

    I've never faced that b5 line before.

  • #27

    well it seems that after ..b5 unless white plays Bf1 black gains the bishop pair in an open position after ....Nd4. Its a nice idea.... The one game I found and posted where white wins is a bit tricky and took a GM with solid technique to pull it off so not 100% convinced.


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