High ELO Rating of Computers


Computers that go over the 2800 ELO mark (onto 3000)....is this only from play against other strong computers?

Having been out of chess for the past decade plus, I was left back when Garry Kasparov lost to IBM, but since that time, is it that there are now software that no grandmasters can beat?  Do many play public matches against the strongest of computer programs anymore?  

How about the current top players?  Can they beat these programs that are rated above them?  



No. Latest engines beat the strongest grandmasters, even on commercial hardware.

there is no humain versus machine matches anymore as no GM can compete, unless against with a big cheque. look for Adams vs. Hydra.

The 'ELO' number they have is often given based on plays with other engines so is a bit moot.  


wow.  Can we estimate, in ELO points, where these strong chess programs are at, in relation to humans? 


is it safe to assume that we have reached a point where no chess world champion can defeat a computer in a match?

It is amazing how things have changed. 

I am still working my way through Mephisto Polgar (Milano program is similar) where I set the ELO to 1500, for example, play until I can win a few, then move up 20 points at a time.  

3300+ ELO on new releases?   stunning.  

Thanks for the education.  I know the questions are elementary, so I appreciate the patience afforded me.