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Hosting a Table

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    I am new to this site even though I signed up a while back.  Is there a way I can set up a table and then invite someone to play instead of someone automatically starting a game with me?  I may be overlooking the obvious but everytime I try to play no options are available when it comes to inviting someone.  Thanks for any help.

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    If you can't invite somebody you can accept random challenges by clicking plus icon top right corner ....

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    The problem I have is every time I click on "Play Live" someone is already on my table and the game has started.  How do I create a table and then invite who I want?

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    Do I have to be a paid member to create a table?

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    You don't need to be a premium member. :) It sounds like you are seeing the top games when you enter live chess. You should be able to close out that game and see a blank table where you can challeng others. 

    If you don't wish to see the top games when you enter live chess, you can disable them in your settings.

    (Shown here: http://i.imgur.com/dyiACQz.png )

    For more help on challenging others in live chess, please see this page: 


    Have fun! Smile


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