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Houston, TX

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    Anyone here from Houston, TX?

    I would like to know if there are any chess stores here?
    It's the fourth largest city in the US there's gotta be something.
    I wanted to buy a couple of magnetic chess sets.
    I know I can go to Target and Walmart but I'd like to shop where there is some selection.

    Thanks in advance...if you know of a store.

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    Hey Aperture.  Not from Houston here, sorry.  Other than the ubiquitous amazon.com I can recommed to you the store at uscf.com.  Cheers.

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    Ya ya, I could......just like to be able to put my hands on things.

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    Hey Aperture.  Yes I understand.  The other option you have is to go to a big uscf tournament in Houston.  Big tournaments hosted at hotels set up a bookstore specifically for chess enthusiasts where they not only sell obviously books but also chess sets, DVDs, etc all at discounted prices.  Cheers.

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    Don't know about Target, but forget Walmart.  Only found cheap folding sets and that common cheap glass set there, and I was surprised to find them.  Even Toys R Us has a better selection of chess sets.

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    I live just outside of Houston. I don't know about any chess stores . . . As far as I know all of the adult tournaments are run by the Houston chess club, and  all of the Scholastic Tournaments are run by a man called Mr. Liptrap. He sells some very nice magnetic sets for $7. Here's a link to that part of his website: 


    I would recomend the "Magnetic set--folding travel," but I think you'd have to physically come to a tournament to pick it up.

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    Thanks for remding me of Rick's. I will go there today!

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    Went to Rick's and got a couple of sets and saw one that I would have gotten on Amazon and was able to see it's complete junk......it's of my wish list. Good place to shop.


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