How could I have won this game faster?

feelmygoods it took me 70 moves to win even though he blundered his queen early I really struggled continuing after the queen blunder how would you guys have gone about crushing black


Post the game not some non link

MauriceEugene wrote:

Post the game not some non link

I was on the app, the app kinda sucks compared to the website and I don't even think there's a way to post games on the app. I'm on my PC now so I'll post the game instead of the link.


Generally, simplify (by trading while ahead and taking free material) and push passed pawns.

Some specific instances:

-After 29 ...R8f7, you can just trade the rooks and push h4. Black has a very tough time stopping this pawn with the king and bishop cut off.

-Same sort of thing after 34 ...Rg8. Just push the pawn. The Black king can't cross the f-file and Black needs to spend two moves just to get the bishop to e8 and do something mildly useful.

-What you did instead around move 38 works just as well. Black has so many weaknesses that you can afford to spend time grabbing free material. Good job.

-On move 42, I would have played c5 to give myself two connected passed pawns and to threaten c6.

-On move 44, my human thinking would play Nb6 and then trade all my pieces on d7, leaving two passed pawns on opposite sides of the board, winning.

-Why 53 Na5 when you can instead play Nc5 instead and grab the e6 pawn? You'll have two connected passers at the end.

-Everything is winning after move 59, but after Black plays ...Kc4, I notice that the f-pawn has a clear path to promotion. Your idea of promoting the e-pawn is just as good, but in that case I would have played Kd6 instead, to get out of the way of the pawn, while at the same time boxing out the enemy King.