How do I know when someone is cheating?


So is it fair to say it is unlikely for me to find cheaters for online chess at this stage? I'm mainly doing 30 minute matches now.


I've been on since 2013, and I play around 1000 (or worse).  I've never thought I was playing against a cheater, but recently I've become suspicious.  A 'friend' who's always been ranked about the same, but usually lower than me, is suddenly playing like an 1800 instead of an 800.  He seems to be a half dozen moves ahead all the time, with far more tactical and strategic know-how than I've ever seen.  This super savvy he seemed to gain overnight.  One day he was losing his queen every other game, the next day he wasn't giving up a single pawn.  Paradoxically, his rating doesn't rise; we both play right about 970.  Does this sound like he's using an engine against me, and playing straight against anyone else?  

Cheske wrote:

Basically.......I play Blitz and lose.

Okay, most likely he is better than me.

But how could I be sure he doesn't have a second computer over there cheating? Or having a program open or whatever?

You can never be 100% sure, but that's nothing I'd worry about. It has already been mentioned that most cheaters will have a much higher rating. Yes, it's technically possible that they only cheat on selected games and selected moves and make sure their rating doesn't raise too much, but how likely is that? Regular cheaters, on the other hand, get caught by statistical analysis of their games sooner or later.

Very occasionally, you will play a cheater and lose, but hey.


Pabloskye, I looked your games up and if the player you are talking about is who I think it is I don't think they are cheating. You can check the computer analysis and it will tell you had an accuracy of 4,4 in one of the games and your friend had 20 something. 


Thanks, everyone.  I really appreciate your involvement.  Pirkkalager, I'll take your advice and analyze past games.  

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