How get our rating higher


They say all we have to do is work hard but want your opinions


Nothing to do with work. All that is required is that you win a few games

Hi from Malaysia!

Analyse your games and learn from your mistakes, best if you have a coach to guide you.

the more enthousiastic you are the better you are. Though this doesnt show my whole progress as this is a new account, Look at my blitz rating chart, when I got more interest I get way better, but when I don't got interest I can slip as low as 1150 elo. What motivates me is reading about petrosian & tal, cause I love history it adds that extra interest
Hard work and persistence just about does it. There will never be a magic trick to it, just long hours of study over manny years.

If we just win games.Then what if 10+ adds from our rating.

it would take 150games


I don't know how to become a better player.happy.pngbq.png


RamanahVel wrote:

They say all we have to do is work hard but want your opinions

I say play multiple other puzzle games like checkers and snakes and ladders and you'll be better in no time.


"... for those that want to be as good as they can be, they'll have to work hard.

Play opponents who are better than you … . Learn basic endgames. Create a simple opening repertoire (understanding the moves are far more important than memorizing them). Study tactics. And pick up tons of patterns. That’s the drumbeat of success. ..." - IM Jeremy Silman (December 27, 2018)

"... In order to maximize the benefits of [theory and practice], these two should be approached in a balanced manner. ... Play as many slow games (60 5 or preferably slower) as possible, ... The other side of improvement is theory. ... This can be reading books, taking lessons, watching videos, doing problems on software, etc. ..." - NM Dan Heisman (2002)
"... If it’s instruction, you look for an author that addresses players at your level (buying something that’s too advanced won’t help you at all). This means that a classic book that is revered by many people might not be useful for you. ..." - IM Jeremy Silman (2015)
Here are some reading possibilities that I often mention:
Simple Attacking Plans by Fred Wilson (2012)
Logical Chess: Move by Move by Irving Chernev (1957)
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played by Irving Chernev (1965)
Winning Chess by Irving Chernev and Fred Reinfeld (1948)
Back to Basics: Tactics by Dan Heisman (2007)
Discovering Chess Openings by GM John Emms (2006)
Openings for Amateurs by Pete Tamburro (2014)
Chess Endgames for Kids by Karsten Müller (2015)
A Guide to Chess Improvement by Dan Heisman (2010)
Studying Chess Made Easy by Andrew Soltis (2009)
Seirawan stuff: