How get our rating higher


They say all we have to do is work hard but want your opinions


Nothing to do with work. All that is required is that you win a few games

Hi from Malaysia!

Analyse your games and learn from your mistakes, best if you have a coach to guide you.

the more enthousiastic you are the better you are. Though this doesnt show my whole progress as this is a new account, Look at my blitz rating chart, when I got more interest I get way better, but when I don't got interest I can slip as low as 1150 elo. What motivates me is reading about petrosian & tal, cause I love history it adds that extra interest
Hard work and persistence just about does it. There will never be a magic trick to it, just long hours of study over manny years.

If we just win games.Then what if 10+ adds from our rating.

it would take 150games