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How Many Games Can You Play?

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    Could be that the few records I have seen are a bit much. When you have over a thousand games going at the same time...well, I cannot help you.

    On the other hand, some of you have found that if you click on "Start Game" a lot, that they DO start...or you found yourself saying "yes, let me  join" in every group that asked for you (big mistake!) and now you have WAY more games going than you can keep track of.

    OK, then, here's a trick you can try...maybe it will work for you, maybe it won't.

    When you open up your chess.com, it probably goes to "Home"...hover your mouse arrow over "Home" until you see "Online Chess", click on that. It will show 12 or more current games... Glance at them, pick the easiest game you see, click on the board.

    Make your move.


    In other words, run as quickly as you can through games you are sure you know what to move right away, and then start working on the hardest games. You'll find that while you are playing your easy games, answers to your harder games will occur to you.

    This is not a guaranteed solution to starting and winning too many games. But it may help some of you win a few more than your were without using a system.

    Good Luck, and have fun!

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    pls how do i start 100 onlin games quickly u no how>?????

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    Wink    Useful tip, Boney !

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    ok whatever

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    I have 17 games going on this site and about as many games going on other sites.  I play from 4-5 moves a day on this site.  This overload of games is the result of the second round of a tournament I joined over a year ago kicking in.  I try to keep it so that critical positions don't happen all at once in my games.  I avoid playing obvious moves first, because it seems to me that this would eventually lead to a logjam of critical positions.

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