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how to describe this kind of chess game ?

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    of course .  i asked for aaw many times  as it wasnot good game but who knows .

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    hope chess? Tongue out

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    It's a good advertisement for not playing those early Bf4 lines.

    White did not seem to have any kind of plan. I looked at it a couple of times and it seemed that White was just trying to develop and got himself into a backward, material down position with pieces on odd squares. Maybe it can be a learning experience. If you play Bf4 early, don't fianchetto your King's Bishop, because it limits escape squares. Maybe h3 & e3 would have been tougher, giving the Bishop a retreat to stay on the h2-b8 diagonal while propping up the center & aiming the other B at the K-side.

    Black was no genius, he just played more aggressively against weak pieces.

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    like your comment drspudnik  . but i really wanted to draw at the beginning as it was the kind of chess game that i dont accept at all /

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    If you play for a draw with white, you will probably lose.

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    Very good for a beginner game, but a bit of an underperformance considering the rating.  Just my opinion.

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    very bad performance but i think black is the one who made performance bad as he exchanged nearly all pieces for no advantage at all .

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    I only say so for white because he let the d pawn get eaten for no reason and his knights were never really coordinated.

    As for the exchanges, I like almost all of them by black.  He's a pawn up and his king got closer for the endgame, so I don't think it was wrong to simplify into this winning endgame.

    White got the pawn back on b6 but by then black's king is close enough / bishop vs knight that it's not a walk in the park for white.

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    yes i didnot concentrate when i lost the d4 pawn but i think black was afraid to plan . 


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