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how to get a fide rating?

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    26 MONTH PERIOD? So are you saying I just have to play 5 opponents with a FIDE rating and get half a point? Do they have to have a rating or a FIDE ID?

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    Yes, the minimum of the 5 games have to be against players with a established FIDE rating. That means they will already have FIDE IDs. 

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    I just looked at some of my friend's FIDE ratings and when I looked at their tournaments, it was so confusing. I didn't understand it at all. 

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     But the more I think about it, when I play in the Open section that is FIDE rated, I'm guessing a lot of people will already have FIDE ratings. 

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    It is likely if your area has enough FIDE rated players or pulls enough. You may not face enough in the event so it may take a few events to get the 5 games though.

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    But you said 26 month period so I will have to wait that long?

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    hsong1 wrote:

    But you said 26 month period so I will have to wait that long?


    You have 26 months to get 5 games against players with established FIDE ratings. You could potentially get all those in your first event. If you do and score at least 1/2 a point then you will be rated when they do their official publication. Or if you don't meet the requirements in that first tourney, you have up to 26 months to get all 5 games in against players with established FIDE ratings.

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    OK now I understand. Do you know by any chance how long it will take to post the tournament because I heard it takes a while.

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    I really don't know how long it takes to post but the last event I played was on 9/3-9/4/2016 and was submitted to the USCF on 9/8 and FIDE on 9/21.

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    Wow that is a long time. So do you have a FIDE rating?


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    No, I apparently haven't faced enough players that had established FIDE ratings at the time I played them, as I mentioned in other posts.

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    I thought Missouri had a lot of FIDE rated tournaments.


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    St. Louis has them but mostly in the Open sections. It's a little over 4 hours away and while I could play in the Open, that would be one long trip to lose most of my games surprise.png

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    But I just looked at the FIDE archive and there aren't that many really,  that regular players can play in.

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    Oh, in Ohio there are FIDE rated tournaments in Dayton but that's like a four hour drive

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    where to find rated tournaments



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