How to improve your chess rating


Hi All,

I'm a regular tactics trainer and live chess player

On tactics trainer, my rating is 1900-2000. (very well)

but when i play 10 minutes game, my rating is only around 1500-1700.(not good)

Can anyone explain to me why?

CAn anyone give me suggestions on how i can play like very well like in tactics trainer?

for me, i can't spot when a chess position having tactics or not.

And i always play moves that have no purpose, sometimes i don't even know what to do. I don't have plan, i don't know how to stop opponent's plan. But in tactics, i do so well.

Please help me. i'd aprpeciate anything. thank you!


Tactics is only one part of chess. I know it's popular for people to work on tactics above all else, and tactics ARE extremely important, but good tactics alone do not make a strong player.

I have never played on, but am a Candidate Master in the US in over-the-board play. I do use tactics trainer, and my rating there fluctuates from 2400-2600 (though my highest was 2671 in July).

What you need is a good GENERAL chess improvement. How to play the opening competently, middlegame basics, and endgame basics.

My suggestion is to study Zurich International Chess Tournament, 1953 by David Bronstein. This should help you a great deal on the road to improving your game.


Tactics are puzzles within a given point in a game.  In a Live game: 1) you are playing against someone and 2) that will win concerns the game as a whole, so I would think that is why your rating is different.


The tactic trainer rating is higher than normal rating. I think almost everyone have a tactic trainer rating a few houndred points higher than live chess rating.


thank you all for your inputs.

I must admit, that i'm not good enough. I need to improve and learn lots of things. thanks again