How to perform post-game analysis?

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    I have always heard that it's important to perform a "post mortem" analysis of every game we play. But, Is there any method? I don't really know what to analyze besides opening play, tactical chances, and so on. Do you know about a book or article that could help me on this? I have already used the search tool on but without any concise information Frown

    Come on! I'm open to your comments and suggestions Wink

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    post mortem by definition is finding out why you died :) so what went wrong in the game? here is what i do:

    - analyze the opening against current theory.

    - put it in the computer and check for any time when the points swing more than 1 point against you (which means you either made a tactical or strategic blunder). then analyze those moves to see why they were so bad.  


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    If possible (especially after playing a long over the board game) try analyzing it with your opponent. Just ask him if he would like to look at the game with you, or he may also ask you. Then together you should just go through the game, and just come clean with your thoughts which you kept safe. For example if on a certain move you were doubting between two move and played one move, take a look at the other move and see if that was better or worse. Or if there were tactics in the position, see if they could have been exploited in a certain way.

    Just go through the entire game from start to end, and look at variations and alternatives which you both considered, and analyze those variations. 


    Analyzing with a computer will probably give you more accurate analysis, but it's also fun to try to analyze the game together with your opponent, without a computer. Together you can also find alot of good moves and probably come to the same conclusions as a computer. 


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    What kind of program would you use to analyze a chess game in a computer?
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    digdugdiggy wrote: What kind of program would you use to analyze a chess game in a computer?

     I use Fritz 10, which has won an award for its text generated comments. Fritz will tell you if you are behind on development, if you missed some tactical combination and will explain the aim of some moves.

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    I have the free version of Frits 5.32

    Can this programme let me put in my game for analysis? I really want a programme that would allow me to do this. 

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    I don't know i this option is available on Fritz 5.32 free edition, but I find it on Fritz 10 under "Tools -> Analysis -> Full Analysis" menu. I hope this helps.
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    How much is Fritz 10 and where could I purchase it? 

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    verusamo wrote:


    How much is Fritz 10 and where could I purchase it?

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