How We Played Blindfold Chess on Chess Com


We played a game of Blindfold Chess. We were flexible on how it was going to be conducted here on Chess Com.

It started with a post:

1plus1is4 says, “Does anyone wanna play a game of blindfold chess?”

I Death respond, “O.K. I have my eyes closed. If I win I will take your soul. If you win I will let you Live," says the Grim Reaper.”

"Pick a hand. In one hand I have a pawn. In the other I have your destiny."

1plus1 says, “How would you do it? I think using Chessmaster is possible, and we just see the scoresheet, so at least the computer can check if we play legal moves.”

Death says, “I have my eyes covered by the hood I wear. Are yours covered?

1plus1 says, “Yep”

Play goes on . . .

Death says, “Sorry I delayed posting, I had to go claim a soul and guide him through the river!”

1plus1 says, “I hope you aren’t cheating . . . my move is 6. Ng4”

Looking into his mind Death says, “OOPS . . . . Looks like an illegal move. You have a knight on f3, one on c3 and neither one can move to g4. Could you mean h4?” 

“I said yes to, Nh4”

“Hi 1plus1. Just for your information. I use the little program PAINT that came with my laptop to add each move to the image. I might have to make it smaller so the moves fit or I’ll remove the chess board altogether.” 

Death took his Bishop with my Queen.

1plus1 said, “Please keep the chessboard, it helps. Oh crap i missed that. Not good at blindfolded chess . . . I play g3.”

Death says, “Sorry about that. I’m surprised that I can still see all the position of all the pieces in my head. This is the first time I am using the newer notation. Of course the only movements that I have to remember are the pieces that have been moved. All the rest are at their starting places. It's time for my Queen to run away!

1plus1 says, “Can we post the position every 15 moves or so?”

Quarki steps in and says, “What?!; That ruins the whole thing!”

“Hi Quarki: I was going to go to my Paint program and set it up. But I think you are right. It stops the whole blindfold game as we started. I considered that I might have to resign if I can't follow the moves eventually.” 

“1plus1, I hope you understand that I will keep only posting the board as it has been since we started. We do have at least one person following this game. Personally I am enjoying this better than any other game that I have had in years. Thanks for coming up with this idea.” 

“I’ll post my next move when I get home. I'm at the library computer doing this and I don't have the Paint pictures available. Quarki can be our official referee.” 

1plus1 says, “I guess that’s fine with me. its just really hard. 

“Oh, Oh . . . You are Castling into safety? The Black Knight comes alive!” Death wrote. 


1plus1 says, “Your black knight is doing nothing helpful”


Death said,  “Ah Ha! . .   Here come the other BLACK Knight to help!  Remember the black knight in the movie, ‘In search of the Holy Grail’ by Monty Phython? Some of the dialog phrases were, "None shall pass!" at the initial confrontation, "It's only a flesh wound" looking at his missing arm and "Comeback here chicken I'll bite you," when he doesn’t have any limbs left, except his torso and head. 

Hello 1plus1:I'm sorry but your last move doesn't compute. Your "a" pawn cannot move there, it can only move to a3 or  a4. Please check it out.” 

1plus1 says, “See, I’m bad. I mean a3.”

But you’re the one that posted the blog and said, "Does anyone wanna play a game of blindfold chess? . . .  I took you up on it. I don't know about you, but I am having fun with it. . .  Last night I woke up about 2 a.m. and in my head I had reversed the board and I was looking at it from the black side that I’m playing. I didn't try to do that. It just happened. . . If you get to the point that you really can't see at least one move, let me know and I will post the game progress. Bye for now I have to go update the moves in PAINT,” Death said. 

1plus 1 said, “No. I’m enjoying it. It’s just really hard as I’m a kid and my mind isn’t as advanced.

Death went and looked at his profile. Sure enough.

1plus1 is a kid. He is starting the 7th grade this week. As soon as I found out that he was a kid. My attitude changed and I wanted to help him to play better so he could win, but I still didn’t want to lose. I thought all the time I was play a man.

Death wrote, “Hey. You are a kid and I am an Old man, 73 years old. . . I have four grown sons and they play chess. I have 6 grandchildren and five of them play chess. One is in the 1st grade, two in 2nd grade, 2 in 6th grade and Jazmin is a sophomore in College. . . I have a lot of respect for you and I’m impressed that you are doing this. . . Now when you make mistakes, accept them as a learning tool, then every time you play, you will improve.

I created this I will leave this up and post

a newer one later in a different position."


1plus1 said, “Thank you. I move Be3 and it would help if you played a standard opening.”

Death said, “I could have open with a standard opening. You started with e4 and I thought you were a man and I didn't know how you played. I thought I would try the Grob as a defensive opening that not many people play, g5. . . If I had white I might have started with e4 also. . . I will correct the diagram so it will be right.

                      = = = = = = = =

My grandson Kai in San Diego, going into the sixth grade next week, phoned me on Friday night and I told him about you, the kid that I was playing blindfolded and I asked him, “Do you think I should take it easy and maybe not beat him?”

Kai said, “Papa, you have beaten me when I was five without any mercy. So Kill him.”

“Kai. I recall that I beat you when you were almost three. I have the photo.”


                      "Ah Ha, Check Papa!"

“See. So don’t take it easy on him,” Kai said.

“O.K. Kai. Now I am going to play to kill him.”

                   = = = = = = = = = = = =

1plus1 and I made more moves. . . Some time elapsed without a move.

Then from 1plus1. . . "I resign. Good game. . . wanna play another? maybe this time we play a STANDARD opening. . . i go to school in like 2 weeks . .

 Here is the position of the game at the end.



Death said, "Hi again: I will accept your resignation, but I'd like to tell you something about the openning."

"The opening was the grob. It was invented by a Swiss Master named Henri Grob, 1904-1974."

"Usually it is played with the white pieces but it seems to work with the black."

"By moving the pawn to g4 it will attacks the opponents Knight when moved to Kf6. The pawn is pushed to G5. It gains some space on the king's side."

"When playing as black it attacks the other knight when moved it is moved to Kf3, the pawn is pushed to g4."

"Both of those pawn are always supported by the H pawn."

"I'd like to show you somethings you missed and something I missed in that game? And maybe some suggestion that you might be able to use."

"I had great deal of fun playing this game. This was the fifth game I have played on Thanks for posting the reques for the blindfold game. I think you have made history by doing that."

                 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

IT took me quite a while but finally I finally came up with variations of the finish. Instead of retreating your G2 Bishop. You could have taken the knight on H6 like in the demo I made.
Both are longer than I wanted. Here they are you can look at them if you want to.
I hope there weren't any errors.
The knight you moved on, A4, I never saw that I could take it until the next move. Idecided that it wasn't effecting the game so I ignored it.
I focused on the F pawn and pushed it. 
The king side looked like a pawn storm.
I wanted to join my rook together on the
F file but I didn't get to that point.
Anyway Thanks for the game.
I now have college homework to focus on.


I will play a blindfold game against you it would be fun


Good job... Death


any one want to play a blindfold game against me


                   Soon I will play you!


brilliant, However I have listened to the gurus known as Blue Oyster Cult and have learned not to fear the Reaper,


sorry death


You might not fear the Reaper but you must also accept him when he comes for you.

yes but for 16 years I have had enough fun to last a life time, so I open 1. c4


That sounds like the reverse Sicilian for white.

Thanks for reading and the comment.


I do know that the idea of the grim reaper started durring the black death thing in Europe, people thought they saw the angel of death outside thier towns, so they knew the plauge was going to hit


it's the english opening. I wouldn't dare to play blindfold, let alone against the grim reaper


Actually every time you are thinking which move to make according to the variation, you are playing blindfold.

It is just the moves you make mentally. I know if you start right know and make the moves in your head for both sides of the Ruy Lopez. You probably will get through about 12 ti 15 moves.

When you have nothing to do. Give that a try and you will probably get further that what I just predicted. Even when you stop following the normal openning moves.


Your moves in your head.


Here is a post about the Grim Reaper.


Hm... Sorry if I’m slow, but am I correct that this happens for real? I mean you playing blindfold chess with 1plus1? That was an amazing post. I like the side stories (you asking Kai for advice on how to play another kid), I was laughing really bad and asking myself where to get that kind of sense of humor. Do i buy it somewhere? Please adviceSmile


Hi Maria

Yes this happened for real and 1plus1 is one of my friends. I did talk to my Grandson Kai how I should play someone his age. That is what he told me to do. Do the same as I did with him. Kill him.

Funny now that I read this total blog over I find it facinating. Not that I am patting my back. Stepping out as an outside observer I like it.

After playing I was grateful that he posted the blog to have someone play him. I hadn't played one since 1965 I think. That friend Tim has passed away.

Thanks for reading and commenting.



Addicted-to-Chess97 wrote:


Hi. I  hope you read all this that happened when I played this game. You actually made me re-read it because it has been a while since I wrote this.

I have not seen 1plus1 around I will have to see if I can find him.

Bye for now.