King should be replaced by an abstract name.


I really wish to improve in the game but my mindset is not in the right frame while dealing with royalty .  i wanted to obey their order.  i don't want to play game with them. If king were exchange with someone else,  wouldn't it be better. 




prepare chicken tikka and naan. far better than chess.


Because I fail to treat some people as different. But my heart says(also rules) that different person have different ability.  I am one of the person that has fallen victim to predatory voices  that all person can reach equal height with training and dedication. Now that voices made me a person which has got an extremely awful taste My intuition are shattered..I began to view everybody as equal. So,  whenever i see king on the chess board i view him as equal and don't think too much about him and as a result play a miserable game. 


You think YOU'RE a peasant?

My family used to live in a paper bag in the middle of the road.

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