I find 'win quick' gambits disgusting


Yeah, he also played  a gambit against me


I play "quick lose" gambit to see if I can defend the bad positions I get from them.

I love playing Kings Gambit, ant the Latvian but I don't even touch the traps in the gambits.

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A beautiful little miniature here for your enjoyment. According to the computer I had 98.5% accuracy, which over 23 moves is quite pleasing.


Lol thats not how you play the two knights defence


this is how


By having your Queen side ripped open? LOL, I'll pass on your advice.

the  play Qb6 instead of Rb8. should be less risky

chamo2074 wrote:

Yeah, he also played  a gambit against me

The Ulvestad variation is not a Gambit.



Fill dis out pleas