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I'm not playing any more. Too many lost games by freezing of the game.

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    That's it too much to tolerate. Bye

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    Let me tell you that you should not quit... Quit if you are a coward...... Fight back if you aren't..... I think you should practice chess a bit more and then you will realize what great stupidity you were going to do....

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    Fight back against what?Freeze?

    How will he do that?By throwing the laptop out of the window?

        There has to be a connection problem.Maybe he will try again if he gets a better connection.

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    In before.. never mind.

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    Ha ha ha. Beat you to it.
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     You have been here for 5 days and never played a single game. I think it is you who are freezing.

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    U need fastr internet.

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    Be sure to keep us informed on all of your activities in the future too.

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    bye byre

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    Oh yeah, maybe he's a troll account made to try and annoy chess.com. Good spot.

    Or maybe he just plays unrated? I don't know if they show up on your stats. I think they do, though.
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    rabosot, I’m a newbie here, so I don’t have any idea how prevalent this problems is or has been, but I agree it can be frustrating to have a game freeze up on you. I am aware it can happen here, as it has happened to me on a a few occasions over the past couple of weeks (even with a good computer and a strong internet connection, both of which I have.) My solution, which seems to be working for at the moment, is to switch from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome. Hope you stick around long enough to give this suggestion a shot.

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