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I need your Help Australians!

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    I am looking for Strong/CRUSHING games played by Australians. I want to make my own new version of Australian Chess Briliancies. If you have a game/puzzle and you're Autralian, please tell me and post on this forum. 

    PS: You need to have Both Players Real Life Name to make the puzzle or game

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    What exactly is a Briliancy?

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    A VERY good game

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    I've never heard the term used as a noun before (and it is spelled (or spelt) with a double 'l' :-p)

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    Don't you mean a looser?

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    I TOLD YOU. AND MYOB Kyrgyzstan Guy Also, the games don't need to be to be chess.com, they can be OTB or chess.com games, or any Correspondence chess website

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    I know a lot of good games i.e by GM Ian Rogers , but since I'm not from down-under , I am not allowed to join this thread.

    I can't wait to see the " 'ello dingo " variation of the "ayers rock" solid opening.

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    I hope you were being ironic ivandh - while LOSER is in caps, it is still the correct word.

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    Watson's win over Reti was a great game. Laughing

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    Do you have the game? Please show me. Yes pelly13, I'm doing my research on the Fritz 12 database. That goes until 2009, and doesn't mention a lot of Begginer games or recent games. I'm just looking for them here

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    Watson beat Reti in a long endgame in the UK [ about 1920?] ; Watson was the stronngest Australian player of that time. He played in an invitational event that included Alekhine and other masters.


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    What happened to the Ned Kelly's overthere ? No hero's left in Aussia ?

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    Brilliancy used to be determined by a collection of GMs after the tournament. They'd give a "brilliancy prize" to the best game. I'm not sure they still give these out. We have more Super GMs and fewer brilliancies.

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    In Wikipedia you will find 48 names of Australian chess players and in the specific articles a lot of nice games.

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    Ill show you a game which was awesome and I won


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