i was short of time, just few seconds to move, but was it really draw by repetition?



it was a 15/10 game and i was with less than 15seconds to move. i know that i play very slow and i missed mate, but was it really draw by repetition? i thought me and the other guy should have repeated the move by 3 times to get draw. sorry my bad english.


yes i did not claimed draw, i did not had time for this. i was with few seconds at some moment 9 seconds and the other guy had around 7 minutes or more. draw offer did not showed up for me to accept. the other guy just played and draw happened, at 1st moment i thought it was stalemate but it was my turn. i didnt knew could have different moves betwwen the repetitions to reach draw, very wierd. i tried to earn some time from move bonus to find the mate, and i became stunned with this draw.


When the exact same position occurs three times, it's draw by repetition.  Move 59, 61, and 63 (Kc1) yield exact same position. And on chess.com, no one has to claim the draw, it happens automatically and instantly.



ok i understood.

MasterRookDMC wrote:

"it happens automatically and instantly"


They should have to claim it on their turn.


It used to require claiming and only five-fold repetition was automatic.


However, with things like premoves, and the inability to stop clocks to make a claim in OTB play, they just made that and 50 moves without captures or pawn move automatic draws.