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I won my first game....or did I???

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    Apparently I won my first game but I barely did anything.When it was my opponents turn,she (the name was Melissssssa) didn't move a single piece and 14 days later she lost for being late at the game but I didn't lose because I had the previous turn.So I'm not sure if I really did win or not but all that matters is that I didn't lose ranking points for that.
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    I already know that no one cares if I won.I just wrote this to show that I didn't necessarily "win" tbh
  • #3
    I care
  • #4
    Write the mods and blame Melisss*a for spoiling your loosing strike.
  • #5

     you won

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    Sounds like a win.  Can't say I'd be too proud of that one.  happy.png 

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    It's a win. Sometimes we get them for just showing up - no change in rating, though.



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