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    Sup folks.. Im kind of a new player (1200), but I really would like to improve my strategy.. About 4mo ago I was 1000 and watching youtube videos brought me up to 1200.. Ive been playing around 20/30 games/day.. Is there anything I could do to get up to 1400?? Yeah Im sure ONE DAY Ill be a GM!! Thanks guys

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    Identify your weaknesses.

    Do you know how to mate with Q&Q, R&R, Q, R, B&B; the rules of opposition, the lucena position, the philidor drawing method, queen vs pawn on the 7th rank, QvsB, QvsK.

    Then work on tactics.

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    katiekarlson wrote:

    You are from Russia. All Russians are born with an intrinsic ability to be grandmaster. Just try to tap into your inner essence, blink a few times, and poof, you will be there.

    ACivilisedGentleman is about to propose to you I feel.


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