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Is 4 Player Chess working?

  • #1

    i'm trying to get on a game of 4 player chess, but its not connecting to anything, it gave me the option to play singular or teams when i chose my option though, it just goes back to the main screen.... come on fix it, i prefer this to two player chess now

  • #2

    this is a paid resource

  • #3

    Only team play is a premium players only option. I played yesterday without problems but today it isnt working.. 

  • #4

    neither is, ive been playing both for free for months, so unless its changed since friday then i dont know

  • #5

    Me neither can't play today 

  • #6

    Even me

  • #7

     Doesn't work for me .-.


  • #8

    still not working for me, even though i can see that 3 tables are active. anyone else?

  • #9

    i managed 2 games yesterday then back to not being able to get on today


  • #10

    still down.... fix plz =(

  • #11

    Back down today


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