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Is Carlsen good-looking?

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    Matt Damon is a huge movie star known for his looks and manliness. What's your point?

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    Pulpofeira wrote:

    I find strange some people say his looking is "Neanderthal-like", when it's exactly the opposite.

    Neanderthals look Carlsen-like.

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    NomadicKnight schreef:

    He looks like a Neanderthal, what with that giant flat forehead and all.. but that doesn't matter - He's still a chess genius.


    Lol but did you knew that the Neanderthalis had bigger brains than we Homo sapiens?


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    2Q1C wrote:

    Incorrect. Their skull size shows they had the capacity for larger brains not that they had them. Same with dinosaurs.

    so you're saying that if dinosaurs had continued to evolve instead of facing sudden extinction caused by a meteor collision with the planet, then they had the capability to become more intelligent than modern day humans?

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    Whales and elephants have larger brains than humans. (Although no man quite enjoys when a woman says this to him) size doesn't matter... that much.

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    My understanding is that surface area, not size of brain is related to intelligence.  In neither case would it be determinative- what ultimately matters most is how the cells are connected.  An elephant may have more neural mass, but it doesn't seem to have the neural pathways for complex technological society.  Probably because they don't have opposable thumbs.  Way off topic, but for anyone who cares about elephants, please consider donating to the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.  This organization provides refuge for abused, neglected, or homeless circus and zoo elephants.

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    There are similarities between Don Knotts and Mick Jagger.


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    I know Mick Jagger. But this other two Don Knotts and Matt Damon I never heart of.  But I do know   ,  de familie Knots ,  an old TV serie in the Netherlands in the 80ties.


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    Om this moment Nepo and Wei Yi   have a table draw on the board that reminds me of the famous endgame of Timman wich was a win. But there the position was two rows lower.

    Kf7 and Kf5 are draw but Kg7  Kg5 loses  . Not that simple thus.

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    Als this was marvelous! https://youtu.be/HaqohMDhi1c

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    Old post is old but whatever. No, he's not hot (though that's obviously just one person's opinion). He's hot for a chess player. That's not the same. He does look a bit neanderthalish as others have pointed out. But most of his attractiveness comes in his confidence and intelligence. I'd say he's cute in his own way. But being successful is attractive in its own right. It typically means you're intelligent, driven, and confident. Which are three checkmarks for a lot of women. And he's better looking than most of the other top tier chess players. Throw in well-spoken and well-dressed and that's why his looks get the attention they do. Wesley So is better looking in my opinion. Karjakin's not bad, but he seems to have an awkward personality. Giri's kinda cute but he looks more like a friend's little brother. 

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    Are you kidding me? Damn son. (Although the fact that he's a model probably does help)

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    All grandmasters have an awkward personality...it comes with the deal...you have to be a little mad to put so much time in chess....

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    Now, Karjakin on the other hand....


    Sergey is hot.

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    Giri all the way baby.

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    Telestu wrote:

    Giri all the way baby.

    What about MVL?

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    Nope tongue.png

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    I think he is good looking. 

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    José R. Capablanca was good looking. Loved the Godfather-Mafia look😁


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