Is it a disaster if Anand wins the candidates tournament?

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    He said what he meant to say.

    This.  I'm not saying that chess players make better poker players than everyone else.  Accountants, actuaries and economists would make good poker players too.  The hard poker skills like pot odds and the like.   I would expect a very good correlation between chess masters becoming poker masters though.

     There's also a lot more money to be made in poker.  The World open has a top prize of $20K in the open section.  The North American open has a top prize of $10K.  US Championship is $30K. The winner of the WSOP takes home $8M to $10M.  Huge difference.  

    To make money in poker, you sit down at your computer and start playing for money.  In the US there are more barriers to entry, but the idea is the same.

    In chess, you have to fly around to tournaments all over the country to have a chance at making a couple grand, set up a teaching practice or write books.  It's more involved and you already have to be good to do those things.   

    There aren't really any equivalents to casinos in chess that allow a chess player to move there and play chess tournaments professionally.  In poker you can live in Vegas or Atlantic city and play poker "OTB" professionally as well as online.

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    TitanCG wrote:

    Do poker players remember that stuff with all the hands they play?

    Oh, absolutely yes.  There are poker post mortems just like in chess.  Heck, go to any serious poker player you know and ask him about bad beats.

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    LuftWaffles wrote:
    fabelhaft wrote:

    One problem with Norway as organiser is probably that they don't have that much money and already spend many millions on the Olympiad just before the title match is supposed to be held. They would probably prefer to hold the title match instead now, but with funding problems having both seems impossible.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Norway probably has the money. It's more a question of how much will there is to actually fund two large chess events in one year. From what I've heard the Carlsen-Anand match was broadcast on national TV and recieved great response, but chess is still small in Norway and they just might not be ready to host the Olympiad and the WC in one year.

    There are money in Norway, but it goes in other directions. Chess has been a small thing in Norway, but its getting more and more attention. With more attention, money might go our way. 

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    Quote above: "Chess has been a small thing in Norway, but its getting more and more attention. With more attention, money might go our way. "

    Yes.  Indeed.  I think "Chung Mee" put it best in the groundbreaking 1985 film Volunteers, when he said:

    The bridge mean more traffic.  More traffic mean more business.  More money mean more power.

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    Here is an article about the minister Thorhild Widvey. She is hard. She says, sloppy translated: "You didnt make it, you cant just come and ask for more money. You said you should get sponsors, but failed."

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