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Is my jump in rating unprecedented?

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    Um, no. Here's some perspective: Below 2300, K=40. Above 2400, K=10.

    That means effectively that going from 2500 to 2793 is the equivalent of going from 782 to 1970. But it's not that simple. A 2500 GM, even a supertalented one like Magnus Carlsen, will have been playing chess for roughly seven years already, and although they have the benefit of added neuroplasticity, seven years is a number some studies indicate is the cutoff for significant chess improvement. In effect, in order to get to the 2800 level, a player has to "become a master" three times: once from 800-2200, once from 2200-2500 and once from 2500-2800. When you consider that only 1% of us achieve even the first benchmark, it's clear how difficult it is at the top.

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    There is no "seven year limit". The human brain isn't that poorly designed.

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    VladimirHerceg91 wrote:
    Steppenwolf78 wrote:

    Truly impressive. You have progressed from being a total moron to being a complete idiot quite rapidly. At this rate, you could be a fool before April.

    Thanks for your compliment. I'm hoping to become a functioning member of society by next year. This is a great boost in confidence for me. You see my lack of intelligence has always kept me out of the social scope. For this reason it's been tough to find work, or build meaningful relationship. Your observation and recognition on how my cognition has improved definitely gives me the will to keep fighting, and moving forward. Thank you for the kind words once again. People sometimes don't recognize how deeply and powerfully such beautiful words can empower others. 

    lack of intelligence? care to deepen that statement?

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    VladimirHerceg91 wrote:

    Recently, I have experienced an incredible jump in my blitz rating.

    I was rated 782 on December 5th, and today I am rated 1075. That is a rating increase of 293 points. 

    I was so impressed with this achievement that I began to analyze how impressive it is. I was of the opinion that my increase from 782 to 1075 (293 points), is equally as impressive as a GM going from 2500 to 2793 (Also 293 points). But then I got thinking, my rating jump is arguably more impressive since I am a beginner. It is easier for a GM to improve because he is already an expert. 


    How impressive is my rating jump in reality, and how does it compare to a GM jumping in rating by the same amount? 


    Thank you for your input in advance. 

    well, I just had a large jump, within a month, I went from 1000 to 1328

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    'Vladimir Herceg' is an anagram of 'Dig live charmer'. Coincidence? You decide.


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    Is my jump in rating unpresedented


    don't you mean unpresidented?

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    did someone make that joke already?

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    anyways, to answer the question, i like to think of ratings as a logistic curve.

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    superman0101 wrote:

    did someone make that joke already?


    post #14

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    come to my new forum you all

    My genius move

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    I won 60 Blitz points today. Thank you Mr Herceg! You are a true inspiration for all of us! 


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