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Joshua Waitzkin?

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    SocialPanda wrote:
    Conflagration_Planet wrote:
    johnmusacha wrote:

    I heard he was running a gym with Andrew Dice Clay.

    He got his GM title.



    You're right. :)

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    Casual_Joe wrote:

    Personally I think we tend to overplay this "real men never, ever quit" mentality.  When he stopped enjoying chess, he decided to pursue other interests.  That sounds perfectly reasonable to me, and is certainly not an indication of a lack of character. 

    I think in 2 to 3 years Magnus Carlsen will do the same thing because there will be nobody who will be able to beat him for a long time...

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    Do you think now that Magnus Carlsen will be running a gym with Andrew Dice Clay in the near future?

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    he just lost interest in the game, he was a great player but i think the stress and the mind warping GM chess does to you turned him off from playing professionally, also he grew up when bobby fischer starting turning kukoo and i think he wanted to avoid that.


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