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Languages to learn chess

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    Hello everybody!

    I am just curious. In which languages can be found a lot of chess material, information guide, etc? 
    There's a lot of chess materials available via the internet, and most of the chess videos on youtube are made in English language. But are there any other languages that are useful if you want to read or watch videos about chess?

    I guess Russian maybe very useful, any other?

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    spanish and russian 

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    The best language for learning chess today is English. I guess you can find a lot of learning materials in Russian, but they're a bit more prone to vague bureaucratic jargon (so to speak), especially if written during the soviet times. I have a chess openings books by Averbach and another Russian author translated from the Russian to Spanish, and I don't know if it's the translation or the original, but it's not what you call a very educational book from a beginner or intermediate standpoint.


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