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Learnfrom World Champion Vishy Anand

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    does he really teach you or is it someone else?

    also i though carlsen was world champion

    so it is someone else with the same name as Vishy Anand

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    Carlsen is the 'Current' World Champion - a World Champion will always be that, and used when describing the person, current or not. Losing a title, does not detract from the glory of once obtaining it.  I cannot directly answer your question about the coaching program though - I would imagine it is 'Anand'.



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    Anand the world champion?

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    greenibex wrote:

    Anand the world champion?

    Yes. He is just a person, nothing special.


    Besides, I expect these days he is glad of the work ;-)

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    what is his phone number?

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    greenibex wrote:

    what is his phone number?


    yeah I am sure he makes it available to the public on the Internet ;-)

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    BungaBungaFischer wrote:

    I'm very eager to learn how to blunder rook endings.

    Joking aside, I have no idea how much Anand participates in that course.

    Anyone who thinks he was taking time out of his preparation for the Candidates to create material for this program is fooling themselves.  He's going to read someone else's material from a teleprompter and cash his check.

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    they should not advertise

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    It's really anand teaching in the Prodigy Program.  I gather one can speculate that the material he is going over really isn't his, but that is just what it is, speculation.  As a member of the Prodigy program I can tell you that I did learn from Anand last year.  Of course his material is more geared towards a general audience, as when he teaches they like to do only one lesson with all the sections.  Can you imagine Anand by himself teach all the sections individually?  There are like 5 now.  I do not know what section they'd put you in though, but I guess you could try your hand and go into the 2000 section and see how you do...  Couldn't hurt, but if it's too high and you figure it out too late then you might lose your money due to waste time and money because the material was too advanced for you.  If I where you I would direct your questions to the group, Chess University.  There, you will get better answers from the staff.

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    lots of good players are not good coaches

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    Yes, it is the legend himself who appears to teach in the Prodigy Program roughly every other month. I can also confirm he creates his own prep (the Prodigy Program team only suggests topics).

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    vishy anany might be good who kbows

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    Anand teaching you seems like false advertising


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