Live chess pieces floating behind the cursor

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    Has anyone else noticed the selected chess piece floating behind the cursor? It is really messing with me, causing multiple mouse slips. I dont see a setting to fix it. It wasnt doing this yesterday... any suggestions?

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    Will you let me know which browser & version you are using, please? What have you tried so far? 

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    I tried resetting of course, and emptying the cache, scrolled thru settings but didnt see any that could help. I leave the "highlight last move" box uncheaked because i dont like the distracting colors, but then i have to drag and drop pieces rather than just click the starting and ending square (which i prefer) so i have to drag and drop and now the pieces is lagging behind the cursor so if i let go of the mouse button before the piece catches the cursor, the piece drops prematurely... very annoying

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    Sometimes this has been happening because of an extension in Chrome. Will you click on the 'wrench' icon, then 'Tools' and see if you have extensions there. If you do, try disabling them one by one and see if this helps.

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    It says "Boo... I dont have any extensions"

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    Will you also click on the link below for me please? You'll see a large white page with the text in the corner saying ' cookies cleared'. Once you see that, close the browser then re-open it and log back in

    If that doesn't do the trick, will you see if the same thing happens in another browser? 

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    yup that did it, thank you!

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    Is it my mouse, system or ? That my moves do not work properly. As anybody knows, in chess one move can make the difference.  When i put the queen 5 'boxes' ahead, but it appears that she just goes 2 'boxes' ahead, than i can lose the game.
    It's always possible it is due to my mouse, but on all other applicatition, on HD & Internet it works properly.
    So what is going on ?

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    This same glitch just started happening with me.

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